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Star Trek

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The Star Trek franchise is a long-running science fiction series that first debuted in 1966 with the television series "Star Trek: The Original Series." Created by Gene Roddenberry, the franchise has since expanded to include multiple television shows, films, books, and other media. Though only the shows and film are officially recognized as canon. The series is set in a future where humanity has united to explore the galaxy, encountering new species and facing various challenges along the way. The franchise is known for its optimistic view of the future, its exploration of social issues through science fiction allegory, and its memorable characters, including Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, and Captain Picard. The franchise has also introduced a number of iconic alien species, such as the Klingons and the Vulcans. With a passionate fan base and a significant impact on popular culture, the Star Trek franchise remains a beloved and enduring part of the science fiction genre.

This timeline is organized by calendar year and not by stardate, but stardates are included when and where they are known.

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